About finles
Finles Capital is an investment boutique with a long track record in advising investment funds and investment managers globally. The firm was founded more than 40 years ago by Dolf van der Weij in 1977 and started as an intermediary firm for financial services, specializing in life insurances, mortgages and banking brokerage.
In the mid 80s Finles was one of the first Fund Managers introducing and setting-up hedge funds in the Netherlands.
Today Finles Capital is predominantly working in the fields of advisory, consultancy and marketing. Finles is involved in fund projects around the globe. In the UK, Liechtenstein, Costa Rica and Luxembourg, Finles is helping companies with setting up funds and growing their business. Over the past few years we:
Raised +$1B for
investment funds
3 alternative
investment funds
Helped to launch
more than
a dozen funds
a wide variety
of hedge funds
Consulted on
legislation, trade
finance and
corporate finance projects
Managed the
setting-up and
growing of a London
based international
factoring company
Our services
For more than 40 years, we have been researching alternative funds and investment strategies to deliver custom-made solutions tailored specifically to your objectives.
Alternative investing is a powerful tool for diversification, volatility hedging and return enhancement. However, this kind of investing calls for a higher degree of expertise — a entirely new skill-set, compared to that of traditional investing — as well as a substantial amount of due diligence.
Our approach to alternative investing brings the sector’s top talents and cutting edge strategies combined with the team’s impressive track record — all aimed at achieving the client’s goals and delivering uncorrelated returns to their alternative assets.
For Wealth Managers, Asset Managers and Family Offices
We help to source talented fund managers with unique investment strategies
Conducting funds due-diligence, benchmarking and analyzing top-performing strategies
We help to source talented fund managers with unique investment strategies
We can purchase and help to value private debt, private equity or other illiquid funds fund participations
For Fund Managers
Third-Party marketing
Through the years, we’ve built a wide international professional investor network and helped to raise more than $1B of capital
We help to launch new funds and financial companies. Our current project portfolio includes a volatility arbitrage fund in Liechtenstein, an invoice-factoring company in London, a forestry fund in Luxembourg and a timber wood company in Costa Rica
We revise and reshape funds that, for different reasons, go through turbulent periods. We help to supply liquidity, change the structure and give a fund its second life
Non-executive board
We supervise a number of alternative investment funds, enhancing governance in line with the rapidly changing legislative environment
Finding specific opportunities through our global network and offering many years of experience for fund managers to maintain and grow their business
For Corporate Clients
Finance Solutions
In our work, we use a project - based approach and help to structure different financial transactions including M&A, private placements, and others
Conducting funds due-diligence, benchmarking and analyzing top-performing strategies