Freelance contract agreement
20/02/2019 00:00 (Moscоw)
Hiring party
The contractоr
with the help of Mutualies, conclude this
Works and Services agreement
Contractor will provide before these work and services:
Scope of work and services
Services to be provided by contractor
  • 1. Patch all walls and trim in preparation for paint. Paint entire interior per our discussion
  • 2. Fix/replace outlets/covers as necessary (ensure matching colors and styles)
  • 3. Fix/replace switches/switch-plate covers as necessary (ensure matching colors and styles)
  • 4. Clean/scrape all windows and ensure proper operation. Replace non-functional windows
  • 5. Reversed ground/neutral in most upstairs outlets
  • 6. Electrical issue (no outlet power) in bedrooms and master bath (short or improper wiring?)
  • 7. Use entry doors in best condition to replace closet doors
  • 8. Replace all room entry doors with new 6-panel doors
  • 9. Remove window screens from Living Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen windows
Find selected messages of the parties, exchanged while discussing services, in the Annex to this agreement.
Liability of Hiring party
Payment type
Payment time
Everything is ok
The Hiring Party gets:
The Contractor must:
not sell licensed scope of work and services in Russia until
Any problems and disputes:
The Hiring Party gets:
the dispute will be taken to a suitable court in Moscow and considered under the goutherning law of the Russian Federation
The Contractor is acting as an independent contractor and not as an employee of the Hiring Party claiming any rights under employment acts. The Hiring Party pays the agreed sum to the Contractor. The Hiring Party may pay some taxes or fees; however, this cannot lead to a reduction in the agreement price. Parties protect each other’s confidential information. Parties can terminate this agreement in MutuAlies.
Hiring party
the Contractоr